MnM ArcOne®

Inspired By:

"Man in the Arena"

Theodore Roosevelt


With more than 25 years of Telecommunications & CyberSecurity

Industry Experience

(Sales, Business Development, Engineering & Management)

MnMs Founder, Aaron Michael Lambert


Worked for, been Successful at and Performed in

Lead Roles at Some of the

Worlds Largest and Most Notable Names and Brands in the Industry

Verizon® Insight® Sprint® CenturyLink® Level 3 /TW Telecom® Global Crossing® and Others...

In addition,

Aaron has spent a number years in his Personal Research Endeavors

Involving Life, Business and it's Ecosystems.

That Research,

(his personal experiences)

His Observations of Modern day Generational Problems

(the conditions)

The Actionable Events that Must be Addressed

Are the Culminations and Correlations, the Basis and Driving Force

Behind the Creation of

MnMs Goal

Secure and Improve the Quality of Life, for All 


"Change will not come if we wait

for some other person or some other time. We are

the ones we've been waiting for. 

We are the change we seek. (Barack Obama)



Aaron Michael Lambert

  MnM ArcOne®  LLC

Millennial Movement(cc)

Or, If You prefer...

Millennium Movement(cc)

                Founder, CEO and Chief Strategist



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The Founders Future Development Plans​... | |

Creativity and success in my opinion,

is not unlike beauty...

It resides in the eye of the beholder and with one’s ability to

correlate life (past, present and future),

those events and depictions or more commonly,

the perceptions. The Imaginings…

Those imaginings or dreams,

they are more than fleeting thoughts or what ifs.

They can become realities, if you can 

connect the...'s

Dreams, the blueprints,

the non-linear, actionable correlations to success and ultimately,

the manifestation of all things beautiful.

Our Destinies.

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.  If you dream it, you can become it"

 - William Arthur Ward

I did not stumble upon my destiny and not unlike Roosevelt's

"Man in The Arena,"

I stumbled often in life and experienced tremendous hardship.

From excelling in Corporate America, working for Fortune 500 companies,

to drug addiction, hopelessness, suicidal thought's, and homelessness.

To my past employers, I'm sorry (truly),  but I still gave it all that I could.  

I was fighting the battle of my life.  I hope you understand.

This aspiration...

In part, a  blanket amends, and I'll never have to "spin," 

a job interview again or 

hopefully, interview for a job.

I'm essentially "out of the closet" and it feels good, so to speak.  

Settle down.

I'm only for the ladies (lol), but I strongly support

 the LGBT way of life, if it's right for them.

Frankly, its none of my business, who gets to love and be loved. 

I know what it's like to have no one.  It's a lonely place, but don't feel sorry me, 

I'm stronger because of it.  As they say, 

"Iron Sharpens Iron."

For me, I realized life is about choice.  

Everyday, I can choose wisely or poorly, it's my choice. 

No matter the circumstances, for better or worse.  

It might be extremely difficult and at times,

I may not be strong, but I'm never too weak to 

Do The Right Thing!


I'm fortunate to have

 "chosen responsibility and accountability"

 for my own life.  I've learned a great deal about

 "who, Aaron really is." 

What really matters in Life.

That self realization is knowledge

and with knowledge, comes wisdom.  

With wisdom, comes responsibility.  If you act on it, 


I'm also reminded by the words of one very special person, I once knew.

She said, “Aaron, Today is a New Day.”

I don’t think she realized the wisdom in its simplicity or the impact

that it would have in my ability to draw strength to

adapt, overcome and flourish.

Julie, I wish you and Jace, the best. You’re both often in my thoughts.

You both are my original "ClickStars."


Assess | Analyze | Adapt


MnM ArcOne, collectively, is me, shining the ArcLight,

into my social responsibility as a human being, to myself

and to our world.  

Being human...It's a World Duty

Each new day, with my dreams fresh in my mind and feeling renewed,

I set my goals and vector a course to succeed.

What was once simply a dream, is now my life’s manifest destiny.

It has become ingrained in my spirit...

With each heartbeat, my life has a renewed rhythm, purpose and vigor.

A higher calling to do something amazing with my life.

Affect change when and where I can, because I can...

Continue to show immense gratitude for "all life" and the gift of passion,

that drives me with unwavering determination

to do and help all that I can, because I can...

This passion, I express in all aspects of my life with

each “New Day” and each new partnership.

In closing, I would like to share one additional realization about

“life” that continues to inspire me in all that I do.

“Life, is the something I found when I had nothing.  

The something that I now find in everything." 

Whenever and Wherever!

Destiny Awaits...

Strive to Be Happy!  I do...


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Aaron Michael Lambert

Founder | MnM ArcOne LLC

CEO & Chief Strategist, GenX

XGen's, GenY's and ZGen's

MnM is answering the call.  We can help!  There's no entitlements without hard work.

Let's work together, change our world.  Create our own legacies, not just labels.  I was able to shed mine, how about yours?

One community at a time...

A special "virtual thanks" to Mother EvE and for the "gift" of humility, an education that has impressed upon me the importance of all nature and life.  That importance, now a sense of urgency, has become the basis of MnM's "Life, as an EcoSystem (LaaES) and Ecosystem as a Service (EaaS)," sustainable model strategies.  Perhaps one day, MnM's Quantum EvE and Captain Planet will join forces, in an effort to "save everything."  Until then, it's up to you and me...

Still don't get it?  Here's one for all the tech savvy folks.  What happens if the worlds ice-apps melt?  Your IPhone and Twitter account won't work anymore.  Get it?  The "Ice Caps" are Earths Environmental Applications.  

If they fail... Eh, comedy isn't my strength, but thankfully, its no joking matter :)

Don't take my word on it.  It's not my original idea, but I agree whole heartily with the concept of a generation that includes people of all ages, who share a common interest in the environment, which was first introduced by Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell on World Environment Day 2007.   It was called The ReGeneration Movement.  MnM plans to ignite Mr. Dell's original effort, but under a more fitting name.  The xYz Generation of Education.  

With knowledge, comes all sorts of good things.  "Like", the ArcAngel Academies...

The ReGeneration Movement

For More Information on Generational Footsteps and the "Truth About Generation X" (ClickCricket)

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